Friday, November 2, 2012

The Skinny on My Favourite Workout (I hate myself for typing that)

So, one year and approximately one month ago we were here for my dad and my birthdays:

The king of all he surveys!  This photo is in Snow Canyon, Utah near St. George, which is a small city where my dad owns a condo.

My little Guy is so dreamy it just makes me barf!  At any rate, my parents are currently staying at said condo while we are babysitting their dog and my handicapped brother:

It turns out you can't really blog on an iPad if you want to use photos, my MacBook Pro (laptop) is in for surgery, and my iMac (desktop) is at home.  Man alive, I'm spoiled!  I'm also incredibly grateful!!!  And the iPhone my husband bought for my birthday just shipped out today!  For the time being, I am relearning how to use a PC.  I happen to prefer Macs because I know them best (I still have our Apple 2E from 1982), but whatever.  Relocating for the week and not having access to my files has left me a little discombobulated as well as the fact that I'm recovering from a rather nasty bout of fatigue, which caused me to miss several Xtend Barre classes.  I HATE missing Xtend. 
What is Xtend Barre you ask?  I would describe it as a combo of ballet and pilates that speaks to the 14 years of ballet in my background and has helped me drop over 2 and 1/2 inches in my toosh and hips so far... so far.  I'm addicted.  Check. It. Out.  Since it's franchised, there is likely a studio near you.  I happen to love the Salt Lake City staff.  They all teach at an advanced level and they all help me force my way through one of the most rigorous, grueling, and cardio intensive workouts you can get.  I have to say that I am incredibly lucky to have my dance background because I can fake my way into looking coordinated/graceful, but you need no dance background. 

You must check out the Ballerina Project from whence the photo above was borrowed.
This workout is for anyone and everyone.  I really debated posting about this because I don't want the studio to become more crowded than it already is, but who am I to be selfish when I have so much?  Go take a free class, y'all. 
I love it so much that my goal is to become an instructor.  I actually auditioned recently.  I've taken about 150 classes, but I have no teaching experience whatsoever... in anything.  I haven't tried out for ANYTHING since I was 14 (OMGZ!  20 years... this is why I so desperately need retinols).  I had a ridiculous, and apparently very traumatic, experience running for class president of my middle school at a prep school I had started that year.  Let's just say that my mother convinced me to dress as such:


This can't have been legal!  I was 14.  I had BIG boobs (I was the only 8th grader with boobs).  There was a speech full of cat puns.  I forgot all of them and just started spewing lines at random.  It's a wonder I still like puns.  Also, I lost.

So, yeah, I tried out to represent this:

And I lost again.  There were only 2 positions opening up and there were A LOT of fitness professionals trying out.  But *I* lost because I am not in touch with my "inner cheerleader".  At first I was furious.  Then I thought it was laughable.  Inside I was sad that I had never been a cheerleader.  But I kept going to class because I like watching my toosh shrink and I love the work out.  They were totally right.  I often find myself relying on the energy of my instructors to get through one routine, let alone an entire class.  So, I don't know... any advice on finding your inner cheerleader?

Also, you should totally take it easy your first class.  I do not care how good of shape you think you're in.  I went full throttle my first class because I didn't want to look stupid.  I didn't look stupid.  My instructor complimented my ballet background because it was obvious to her.  Then I got home and I looked REALLY stupid.  My legs had relaxed driving home.  When I stepped out of my car, they gave out.  Literally.  I was lying on the dirty ground of my carport sucking up a big hunk of humility.  And then I never stopped going.

What is your favourite way to stay in shape?  If you are from Salt Lake, how do you keep active with the inversion in the valley during the winter?  I have a goal to become a better runner and eventually run a marathon.  I'm finding that the inversion, my hatred of treadmills, and time commitment have been my worst enemies.  ADVISE ME!!!



  1. First of all you are such a funny writer—fun posts lady!

    Secondly, I wish so much that I could join your for a barre class and channel my inner Miki Casalino! Maybe in 3 years when the baby is in preschool I could make the long drive over...sounds awesomely hard.

    I think it's so cool that you tried out to be an instructor. Do it again! Teaching is scary but only at first and then you totally find a groove. Get a group of friends together and teach them a class as practice--maybe? Or wear a cheerleading skirt next time you tryout? :)

    1. That is the most hilarious and wonderful idea! I seriously think they would love it if I wore a cheerleader outfit... at least I'm spared the $750 to go through certification and whatever the pilates matt certification costs as well. Next time you're up here we should take a class. Did you know Miki is in treatment for breast cancer at Huntsman? Seems like she's doing well. xoxox