Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

So, I'm just hanging out with the dogs and listening to the Biebs.  This Thanksgiving I am thankful that his voice still sounds amazing as it's gotten deeper because I feel like way less of a perv now.

Let us celebrate our differences this season!  I am grateful for so many things... like the fat dachshund I saw at the 7-11 and.... OMGZ!

I'm grateful for the amazing time I spent living in Madison, WI long ago.  Especially for butterscotch sundaes bigger than my noggin at Ella's Deli:

For sharing grumpy mornings with my baby:

And very sleepy nights:

Even for green juice because it is a lifesaver:

For all the time we get to spend with Cooper even though he and Guy hog the crap out of the bed.  And I am terrible at rearranging them (I was never very good at Tetris):

And most especially for my husband.  I'm grateful I held out for 31 years to find the love of my life.  And he is:

I'm so grateful for so many things!  I hope you all stuff yourself silly and have a fantastic start to the holidays!


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