Monday, November 12, 2012

I'm Back, Y'all, Halfway Back

OMGZ!!!  OMGZ!!!  OMGZ!!!  OMGZ!!!  OMGZ!!!  OMGZ!!!  OMGZ!!!  OMGZ!!!  OMGZ!!!  OMGZ!!!  OMGZ!!!  OMGZ!!!  OMGZ!!!  OMGZ!!!  OMGZ!!!  OMGZ!!!  OMGZ!!!  OMGZ!!!:

Guy Winston Churchill Larkin-Federer Wilson is SIX!!!  

I'll be reading him our copy that stems from my mother and her siblings and is approximately 6x10 years old this evening.

I had to skip Xtend Barre today because I was still completely wiped out, even after 12 hours of sleep.  Also, I wanted to make sure I had time to do birthday shopping for my baby boy at Ma and Paw's Bakery.  We really got a great assortment of home cooked delights: chicken liver biscuits, turkey dinner biscuits, doggie tacos, lamb something-or-other... a lovely little menagerie.  And a lobster.  A big, bright lobster chew toy.  I even showered and did my make-up!  This was actually a precautionary measure because I was on-call for work at Anthro, but they didn't need me, per usual (insert sad face emoticon).  It was ok because I was already halfway into Guy's birthday hike:

He trotted, pranced, and bounded the whole 2 miles.  I REALLY need to get him out more.  I, on the other hand, was completely WIPED OUT as I seem to be these days.  And this is a really easy hike.  My body is just out to get me these last few weeks.  So, we came home and I started planning dinner for the week, which was so utterly exhausting that we ended up taking a birthday nap:

Yep.  We sleep mouth-to-mouth.  We're gross.  Or romantical.  All depends on how you look at it.

At any rate, I am so discouraged with my health right now.  I know that we have had a drastic change of weather here in the S to the L to the C.  Daylight savings really messes with me as well.  It gets dark so EARLY and psychologically my body thinks it's time to shut down.  Shut down it has.  

In more exciting body news, I got to go to the gastroenterologist last week!  Woohoo!  Now that we are  married (read: I am insured) and less tight on funds (we had a rough summer), I am starting my rounds of going through specialists again to see if we can get this "machine" of mine working.  My dad is a specialist, an OB/GYN who spent his career specialising in high-risk pregnancies.  His abilities, care, and true professionalism have earned him many an award, but much more so, the love and respect of his patients.  in over 30 years of practice, he never had a single malpractice suit against him... working in HIGH-RISK.  I could totally go off on this tangent about my pops forever.  Suffice it to say that my GI doc loves him so much that my possibly pending stomach scope/colonoscopy will be free!!!  Can I get a whoot whoot?  Honestly though, I couldn't be more grateful.  We are in no position to be paying our deductible.  Such a generous man, that doc of mine.  Speaking of gratitude, check out The Pickled Bean for Ashley's month of gratitude posts.  

I was diagnosed with CFS 16 years ago.  I still have the hardest time managing it, and by that I mean, keeping it consistent and getting more use out of these old bones.  Do you or someone you know suffer from this total BS?  Do you have anything you do or take that is helping?  'Cause I could sure use your help.  I generally do pretty well, but when I crash it is brutal.  I'd like to just be done with crashing altogether.  Advise away!

Did y'all notice that my make-up (what you can see of it) in the nap pic is looking better?  It is.  So, my review of this so far is glowing (literally AND figuratively):

source (product discontinued)

I'm glad I've had some time to remember some old techniques and implement some new ones before this arrived today:

source (product discontinued)

It is gonna get colourful up in this piece!  I have a feeling that my new eyeshadow set is going to "adhere" to my face better.  It seems like I really have to apply a lot of the shadow from the first set to make it pop.  I'll report my findings.  Either way, I am thrilled with the first Sephora set.  Bronzer and highlighter have opened up a whole new face for me!

In reporting, I should let you know that I am more and more happy with the retinols each day:

I've mostly been using my nose as a barometer when I should be looking over my whole face, but nose-wise my pores are really starting to clear up and shrink.  My skin feels great.  My husband has even made unsolicited compliments.  I'm buying the full set this week and I hope to use them more frequently than I have the samples, but I will probably not use them everyday just for financial purposes.

And since I was feeble and pathetic yesterday, let's get in THIS (LAST) WEEK FOR DINNER:

Monday: Spinach and artichoke pasta.
Tuesday: Slow cooker french dip sandwiches... these were insanely delicious.  Go to my Pinterest.  Make them.  I cannot emphasize enough their deiciosity.  It was so good I forgot to take photos.
Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Spinach linguine with chicken, pesto sauce (made with my homemade pesto!), and peas.

Friday:  Bombay House.  Oh how I have missed thee!  We got my usual of lamb saag, husband's usual of tikka masala (I INSISTED), naan, a rose lassi for the DD husband, and a glass of vino for myself.  It was DIVINE... I had forgotten how flavourful and different their food is as we've been eating more nepalese lately.

Saturday: Baked "fried" chicken, green beans, pureed cauliflower (sub for mashed potatoes), and chicken gravy.
Sunday: It was quite a smögåsbord at my mother's house and I contributed a sausage and spinach quiche.

This week our dinner list might be pretty sad unless I start feeling better in a hurry!

Happy birthday to my child, to the love of my life, to the light in the dark, to Guy!  The dreamiest Olde English Bulldogge you ever had the chance of seeing on a blog (or anywhere)!!!


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  1. Somehow this post makes me miss GuyGuy... even though I'm looking right at him.