Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Anthro Gifts for Giving and Getting, cont'd

Ummmm... I JUST noticed this photo from ages ago:

I don't know what is going on with Guy's face, but I totally think it's amazing, hilarious, and adorable.  You might have similar feelings about my leggings.

Ok, y'all, I went to work for you and I rounded up the rest of my fav Anthro gifts and they are all under $100 (even with tax and shipping), most of them significantly less.  Also, if you go to your local Anthro and they don't have something in stock, they can order it right there and have it shipped to you st no additional cost.  Anthro is the cat's meow!

How cute would this Dachshund cookie jar be as a dog treat jar?  I am hopping to get a lot of $9 hours of work to buy this baby for my best friend who has a dachshund named Frankie.  He is as spoiled as Guy.  Feel free to buy me bulldog gifts :)  Anything, any breed... Olde English, Frenchie, English, American... I love 'em all.


Never in my life did I imagine that I would covet a whisk.  A whisk?!  Seriously.  This baby could do some damage AND it's silicone, so your non-sticks and Le Creusets will remain unharmed.  Speaking of Le Creuset... UTAH, WE HAVE A LE CREUSET OUTLET NOW!!!  I cannot afford to go there.  Ever.  But how magical is that?  Almost as magical as this aptly named whisk, but WAY more expensive.


This measuring cup set is hands down the cutest ever.  We are severely lacking for counter space in my kitchen (curses!!!), or I would own these.  They def need to be displayed.  Also, they are painted different colours on the inside.  OMGZ!


How perfect is this plate for this blog?  Anthro carries a ton of plates by the French artist Nathalie Lete. I have this one and a couple of others that are discontinued.  The great thing is that more come in and they are totally amazeballs because the mixing and matching is way too fun.  And you're not a dick for getting someone just one plate.  You are simply aiding them in starting their own collection.  These are also cute for display on walls.


This sucker is the next one on my list even though I'm severely allergic to shellfish.  Go check them all out.  There is a slew of them at the Salt Lake store and even more online.

This stovetop espresso maker reminds me of the month I lived in Bologna.  Every morning we made cafe machiatos and ate cookies.  How are italians so thin?!  This comes in four awesome colours.  I'm partial to the baby blue myself.

This serving platter is so gorgeous and unique!  It looks so majorly dreamy in person too.  I know I would be over the moon to get this as a gift and I'm sure someone you know would be too.  Yellow = yes.

There are a few different animal busts available from Anthro, but I particularly love the rhino.  So cool for an office... a male appropriate gift from Anthro... what the what?  You heard it here first, folks.  My husband wanted one of these, but I've got a wild gray boar's head above the fireplace and, frankly, this just can't compete with a REAL boar.  I would so buy this for his office though.  Totally bad-A.  And it beats King Henry, my boar, on price point like nobody's business.

If you know me, you know that I have a problem buying plush sea creatures for my house.  And you know that my husband humours me in this endeavor.  They look totally cute as "pillows" on chairs and couches.  This owl is SO much cooler in person.  He's about the size of a real owl and pretty lifelike.  He would be an awesome addition to any couch.  If you know me, you also know that I am superstitious.  TO. THE. MAX.  We have an owl name Teddy Roosevelt, Jr. watching our front door from atop a bookshelf because owls are protectors.  Protect the ones you love, yo!

This is also a great wedding gift.  We keep a few of these ring bowls around our house, in the bathroom, by the kitchen sink, on the bedside table.  I love the rabbit because my husband and I can each take an ear.  And I always know exactly where my wedding ring is if I need to take it off.  That kind of security is priceless.  And cute to boot!

This sweatshirt is the best!  They didn't have my usual xsmall, but the small fit just fine.  It would not have mattered if there was only an xlarge.  I would have bought it.  It feels like heaven.  The buttons dress it up just enough that you can wear it almost anywhere.  Who doesn't want to be comfy as possible while running errands and still look put together?  PJs are out.  This top is the new casual.

I haven't seen these babies in person, but I'm confident that they would have a super cute fit.  Drawstring bottoms can often look frumpy, but the thick (and cute) elastic waistband is a pretty sure sign that the frump is nada.  Want these so bad.  Want to give these as gifts so bad.

It's brown AND black.  How can you go wrong?  Oh, and it's all stylish and equestrian and stuff.  I also like that it has stretch because it might actually fit me.  I was blessed with a very small waist, but it does make belt buying a real bitch.  Problem solved.

Whether these remind you of Chiles Stanton from "Country Strong" or Jem, you can't go wrong with these studs.  They are so cute.  they're pretty small studs and if I weren't married to my diamond studs, these would never leave my lobes.  Cute, classic, Christmas-y.  You can't go wrong!

Sorry, Salt Lakers.  I bought our store out of these tumblers made in Poland.  They are so gorgeous and sleek.  There is really no better way for me to enjoy a nice single malt.  I HAD to have them.  So does someone you know.  Get on it.  

Beets.  On a dish towel. Seriously.  Need I say more?  Check out my Pinterest for the best beet recipe of all time.  Dead serious.

These vases are way too cute!  And you don't even need to have flowers in them.  They look darling lined up on a shelf.  I'm partial to the pansy, myself, but check them all out.  Talk about brightening up a room!

I just love these egg crates!  Again, I'm all about the baby blue, but how great is it that there are 6 darling colors?  So cute!  

Smith's Rosebud Salve has been around since 1892.  And for good reason.  Be it chapped lips, chicken skin elbows, aging hands, what-have-you, there is nothing this can't sooth.  I use it for everything and the very subtle scent is to die for.  I'll include this in my next shopping list as well since it's not Anthro exclusive.  

Stay tuned for more affordable and awesome Christmas gifts.  Until then...


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