Sunday, November 25, 2012

I'll Do the Shopping for You

I don't have a huge wrap up this week, so I'll compensate with some of my gift giving picks from Anthro.  


I barely remember!  I did manage to make homemade pizza with homemade pesto, fresh mozzarella, and tomatoes on Monday.  This is my favourite pizza dough and it's SO easy... if you haven't checked out Two-Tarts for amazing and straight forward recipes, get on it.

For Thanksgiving I made a traditional green bean casserole with fresh beans and the "soup" from scratch for my family.  It was a big hit, but it was really labour intensive.  I might make it again next year, but honestly it was so labour intensive that making it more than once a year would definitely make me stabby.  

I made a banana cream pie with a layer of chocolate between the crust and custard along with a creamy pumpkin for my husband's family.  I was really worried that my dough wasn't crumbly enough, but it turned out well.  

It's all on my Pinterest.  Follow it.  Cook it.  Make someone else prep your mushrooms.

Onto gift giving... I'm sure I'll think of more things to add, but here's a starter list and today it's all Anthro:

How can you go wrong with monogrammed mugs?  Each letter only comes in the colour shown.  We have a bunch of these and they are the perfect size and shape to cuddle up with a nice mug of coffee, earl grey, eggnog... what have you.

These are also great monograms.  A little sleeker.  We also have some of these.  They aren't as good to curl up with, but they are great sitting on the desk keeping you caffeinated and fashionable while you work.  

These slippers just don't photograph well, but I can guarantee you that anyone would be hard pressed to pry them off my tootsies.  They are so comfy, cute, and SPARKLY!  I wear them at work all the time when my feet get tired.  They are THAT cute.  

This beanie also comes in an autumn orange and a mossy/forest green (the colours look off on the website).  I have this cream one and I adore it... I'm wearing it in my profile pic for this blog because I love it so much.  These are so fun to gussy up with brooches.

Boring, right?  Wrong.  These tights come in a grundle of colours and they are CRAZY COMFORTABLE.  I don't know what it is.  I mean, they're just tights, but they aren't JUST tights.  They are awesome tights.

I am REALLY picky about candles.  I was so surprised how much I loved this candle in Hot Buttered Rum and Spiced Eggnog.  They are really dense scents and should never be lit on an empty stomach.  They smell way too yummy.

I am obsessed with this headband!  It's a super cute way to dress up a sock bun.  I like to wear it with my hair down in loose curls (kind of Kate Middleton-like).  I just plop it down behind my ears without moving any hair back.  I REALLY want the peacock version:

How cute it that?!

These bracelets are so cute in person.  Guess which number I'd pick.  You could pick one based on your numerology, or just get a lucky number.  The appeal is widespread like a monogram.  Simple, but personal.  

If your local Anthro doesn't have an item you want in stock, they can order it for you right there and ship it to your house at no extra charge.  How cool is that?

So, that's my little list of suggestions so far.  I tried to stick to items with a reasonable price tag.  I'll be adding suggestions in future posts, so come back and visit.


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