Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Can't Stop Doing Your Holiday Shopping for You

I have corrupted my household; this morning my husband was singing "Never Say never" by the Biebs.  It's a Biebs Christmas (and every day) up in this piece.

Guyguy fell asleep in front of the heater this morning while I was getting ready for Xtend Barre.  Asleep sitting up... be still, my beating heart.  And in a "people sit" no less!

I HAVE NEWS SO DAMN EXCITING IT REQUIRES ME TO KANYE WEST THIS SCHIZZZ... THE AMAZING ERICA WEINER OF ERICA WEINER JEWELRY DID AN INTERVIEW FOR THE BLOG!!!  Erica is a fellow Vassar alumnus and she's majorly bad-A.  Trust me.  This will be the first in a series of interviews for the blog.  The totally dreamy noses and eyes from D.S. & Durga are also working on one... well, really Durga because she is another Vassar babe.  Mary Ping, the genius behind Slow and Steady Wins the Race (and the tour de force behind my wedding dress!), is on the ticket too.  Vassar babes are the most babe of all the babes... I'm not biased or anything (winky guy emoticon or whatever).  I seriously know the coolest of the cool, y'all, and you need to know them too.  LET'S DO THIS!

In the meantime I have another small list of holiday gift ideas for you and this one's not from Anthro.  I have totally been using my posts for Anthro gifts to get my own shopping done and I'll use this one as well.

I must reiterate the awesomeness of Smith's Rosebud Salve.  I finally had to buy my husband his own tin, so he'd leave my supply alone.  Do I smell a gender neutral stocking stuffer?  Damn straight I do.  Not even the faint smell of rose can un-neutralize it.  And it comes in more scents!  are you a Rosebud purist, a minty rose, a menthol and eucalyptus, or strawberry kind of gift giver?

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This is a dry brush and I wish I were more diligent about using mine.  People claim all sorts of results from the dry brush, which was an ancient japanese and greek ritual.  I can attest that this is an amazing way to slough off dead skin cells.  This is gross, but holiday-y; it looks like it's snowing dead skin in your shower.  It was recommended that I not use the dry brush before bed time because it gets your circulation going and that wakes you up.  I would agree with this claim, but I'm not sure that this stimulation also gets rid of the ol' cottage cheese because I am totally inconsistent about using my dry brush, something I intend to change.  Here's the deal: don't get this wet... it's a DRY brush.  Get all good and nekkid in the bath or shower and proceed to rub in circular motions over your whole body, excluding the neck and face.  I like to go top to bottom personally.  I follow immediately with a shower.  It really does feel cleansing and you can get a good dry brush for under $20.  I bought mine at Scentsations in Foothill Village in Salt Lake.  You will find an endless supply of body beautifying and SCENT-sational gifts for men and women alike in there (pun... gross... went there... would totally go there again).  Support small business, ya'll.

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For some stupid reason I couldn't find a photo of the Sabon product I love most, but how cool is the store?  Their Orange Ginger Shower Oil (it's a shower gel with essential oils in it... and these really are ESSENTIAL) is pure heaven.  First off, it doesn't dry you our because of the oils.  Second, this scent is divine.  I find it both invigorating and relaxing.  I'm really sensitive to smells (and everything else, apparently) and this one smells the perfect amount of strong in the shower and washes off to just the faintest and yummiest trace afterwards.  I would totally kiss it on the mouth.  They have other scents, but this one is just to amazecraze for me to bother caring about anything else.  For serious, Matil.

Oddly I could not find this Kiehl's deep conditioning treatment on the Kiehl's website, but I found it on the Nordstrom website (after I'd already bought it at Nordstrom).  This is a big fat tub o' hair repair.  Seriously, I think it will take me a couple of years to use it up.  I started sleeping with it in my hair, leaving it on for 24+ hours.  After a few of these treatments, at least a week apart, I went on to using it once a week in the shower, rinsing completely before getting out.  I am now down to every other week.  Man alive, this stuff is awesomesauce!  And it's only $25.

I am so in love with all things orange blossom, especially this fragrance from Jo Malone... We are going to get all crazy about fragrance with D.S. & Durga soon!!!  I always stick to a light scent when it comes to perfume.  This one is really light.  I am married to the original Alfred Sung for 16 years, which has been discontinued... curses!  But I keep the little bottle of this guy in my purse for quick fresh-ups.  It layers softly and nicely with other light scents.  Sometimes I just spray it in my car when I need a quick break from the smell of stale dog... what's mine is Guy's.

I've written about this baby from Sephora already.  If you are prone to chapped lips, live in a desert, or are often facing the elements, you need this.  Just kidding; I don't care who you are, you NEED this.  It's SPF 15... whoa!  I put it on before bed and my lips are still soft in the morning.  They also make this in a range of tints.  The tint is subtle, but enough to make you look less corpse-like when "wearing" a "natural face".  It's the only amount of colour I apply when wearing a dramatic eye.  I would definitely buy the clear (pictured) for a guy... unless he prefers tint.  Duh.

Did I not make it clear that everyone needs a Clarisonic Mia?  Give it.  Get it.

Oh, La Mer!  If you have the cash, you could be the best gift giver in town!  And I swear on my own grave that it's worth every penny (trust me, I'm a mortuary heiress... dead serious.  Oh yeah, I totally went there... again).  I know this last suggestion is pretty extravagant, but I've been loading you up with reasonably priced gift suggestions and I have more to come.  Stay tuned!  

Totally rad interviews are on their way!  With totally rad gift ideas to boot!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012



Heaven help me, but I, honest to God, sing this song in my head at LEAST once a day, but with the words "Oh La Mer".  I have problems.

Sweet synthpop dreams, y'all.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Anthro Gifts for Giving and Getting, cont'd

Ummmm... I JUST noticed this photo from ages ago:

I don't know what is going on with Guy's face, but I totally think it's amazing, hilarious, and adorable.  You might have similar feelings about my leggings.

Ok, y'all, I went to work for you and I rounded up the rest of my fav Anthro gifts and they are all under $100 (even with tax and shipping), most of them significantly less.  Also, if you go to your local Anthro and they don't have something in stock, they can order it right there and have it shipped to you st no additional cost.  Anthro is the cat's meow!

How cute would this Dachshund cookie jar be as a dog treat jar?  I am hopping to get a lot of $9 hours of work to buy this baby for my best friend who has a dachshund named Frankie.  He is as spoiled as Guy.  Feel free to buy me bulldog gifts :)  Anything, any breed... Olde English, Frenchie, English, American... I love 'em all.


Never in my life did I imagine that I would covet a whisk.  A whisk?!  Seriously.  This baby could do some damage AND it's silicone, so your non-sticks and Le Creusets will remain unharmed.  Speaking of Le Creuset... UTAH, WE HAVE A LE CREUSET OUTLET NOW!!!  I cannot afford to go there.  Ever.  But how magical is that?  Almost as magical as this aptly named whisk, but WAY more expensive.


This measuring cup set is hands down the cutest ever.  We are severely lacking for counter space in my kitchen (curses!!!), or I would own these.  They def need to be displayed.  Also, they are painted different colours on the inside.  OMGZ!


How perfect is this plate for this blog?  Anthro carries a ton of plates by the French artist Nathalie Lete. I have this one and a couple of others that are discontinued.  The great thing is that more come in and they are totally amazeballs because the mixing and matching is way too fun.  And you're not a dick for getting someone just one plate.  You are simply aiding them in starting their own collection.  These are also cute for display on walls.


This sucker is the next one on my list even though I'm severely allergic to shellfish.  Go check them all out.  There is a slew of them at the Salt Lake store and even more online.

This stovetop espresso maker reminds me of the month I lived in Bologna.  Every morning we made cafe machiatos and ate cookies.  How are italians so thin?!  This comes in four awesome colours.  I'm partial to the baby blue myself.

This serving platter is so gorgeous and unique!  It looks so majorly dreamy in person too.  I know I would be over the moon to get this as a gift and I'm sure someone you know would be too.  Yellow = yes.

There are a few different animal busts available from Anthro, but I particularly love the rhino.  So cool for an office... a male appropriate gift from Anthro... what the what?  You heard it here first, folks.  My husband wanted one of these, but I've got a wild gray boar's head above the fireplace and, frankly, this just can't compete with a REAL boar.  I would so buy this for his office though.  Totally bad-A.  And it beats King Henry, my boar, on price point like nobody's business.

If you know me, you know that I have a problem buying plush sea creatures for my house.  And you know that my husband humours me in this endeavor.  They look totally cute as "pillows" on chairs and couches.  This owl is SO much cooler in person.  He's about the size of a real owl and pretty lifelike.  He would be an awesome addition to any couch.  If you know me, you also know that I am superstitious.  TO. THE. MAX.  We have an owl name Teddy Roosevelt, Jr. watching our front door from atop a bookshelf because owls are protectors.  Protect the ones you love, yo!

This is also a great wedding gift.  We keep a few of these ring bowls around our house, in the bathroom, by the kitchen sink, on the bedside table.  I love the rabbit because my husband and I can each take an ear.  And I always know exactly where my wedding ring is if I need to take it off.  That kind of security is priceless.  And cute to boot!

This sweatshirt is the best!  They didn't have my usual xsmall, but the small fit just fine.  It would not have mattered if there was only an xlarge.  I would have bought it.  It feels like heaven.  The buttons dress it up just enough that you can wear it almost anywhere.  Who doesn't want to be comfy as possible while running errands and still look put together?  PJs are out.  This top is the new casual.

I haven't seen these babies in person, but I'm confident that they would have a super cute fit.  Drawstring bottoms can often look frumpy, but the thick (and cute) elastic waistband is a pretty sure sign that the frump is nada.  Want these so bad.  Want to give these as gifts so bad.

It's brown AND black.  How can you go wrong?  Oh, and it's all stylish and equestrian and stuff.  I also like that it has stretch because it might actually fit me.  I was blessed with a very small waist, but it does make belt buying a real bitch.  Problem solved.

Whether these remind you of Chiles Stanton from "Country Strong" or Jem, you can't go wrong with these studs.  They are so cute.  they're pretty small studs and if I weren't married to my diamond studs, these would never leave my lobes.  Cute, classic, Christmas-y.  You can't go wrong!

Sorry, Salt Lakers.  I bought our store out of these tumblers made in Poland.  They are so gorgeous and sleek.  There is really no better way for me to enjoy a nice single malt.  I HAD to have them.  So does someone you know.  Get on it.  

Beets.  On a dish towel. Seriously.  Need I say more?  Check out my Pinterest for the best beet recipe of all time.  Dead serious.

These vases are way too cute!  And you don't even need to have flowers in them.  They look darling lined up on a shelf.  I'm partial to the pansy, myself, but check them all out.  Talk about brightening up a room!

I just love these egg crates!  Again, I'm all about the baby blue, but how great is it that there are 6 darling colors?  So cute!  

Smith's Rosebud Salve has been around since 1892.  And for good reason.  Be it chapped lips, chicken skin elbows, aging hands, what-have-you, there is nothing this can't sooth.  I use it for everything and the very subtle scent is to die for.  I'll include this in my next shopping list as well since it's not Anthro exclusive.  

Stay tuned for more affordable and awesome Christmas gifts.  Until then...


Sunday, November 25, 2012

I'll Do the Shopping for You

I don't have a huge wrap up this week, so I'll compensate with some of my gift giving picks from Anthro.  


I barely remember!  I did manage to make homemade pizza with homemade pesto, fresh mozzarella, and tomatoes on Monday.  This is my favourite pizza dough and it's SO easy... if you haven't checked out Two-Tarts for amazing and straight forward recipes, get on it.

For Thanksgiving I made a traditional green bean casserole with fresh beans and the "soup" from scratch for my family.  It was a big hit, but it was really labour intensive.  I might make it again next year, but honestly it was so labour intensive that making it more than once a year would definitely make me stabby.  

I made a banana cream pie with a layer of chocolate between the crust and custard along with a creamy pumpkin for my husband's family.  I was really worried that my dough wasn't crumbly enough, but it turned out well.  

It's all on my Pinterest.  Follow it.  Cook it.  Make someone else prep your mushrooms.

Onto gift giving... I'm sure I'll think of more things to add, but here's a starter list and today it's all Anthro:

How can you go wrong with monogrammed mugs?  Each letter only comes in the colour shown.  We have a bunch of these and they are the perfect size and shape to cuddle up with a nice mug of coffee, earl grey, eggnog... what have you.

These are also great monograms.  A little sleeker.  We also have some of these.  They aren't as good to curl up with, but they are great sitting on the desk keeping you caffeinated and fashionable while you work.  

These slippers just don't photograph well, but I can guarantee you that anyone would be hard pressed to pry them off my tootsies.  They are so comfy, cute, and SPARKLY!  I wear them at work all the time when my feet get tired.  They are THAT cute.  

This beanie also comes in an autumn orange and a mossy/forest green (the colours look off on the website).  I have this cream one and I adore it... I'm wearing it in my profile pic for this blog because I love it so much.  These are so fun to gussy up with brooches.

Boring, right?  Wrong.  These tights come in a grundle of colours and they are CRAZY COMFORTABLE.  I don't know what it is.  I mean, they're just tights, but they aren't JUST tights.  They are awesome tights.

I am REALLY picky about candles.  I was so surprised how much I loved this candle in Hot Buttered Rum and Spiced Eggnog.  They are really dense scents and should never be lit on an empty stomach.  They smell way too yummy.

I am obsessed with this headband!  It's a super cute way to dress up a sock bun.  I like to wear it with my hair down in loose curls (kind of Kate Middleton-like).  I just plop it down behind my ears without moving any hair back.  I REALLY want the peacock version:

How cute it that?!

These bracelets are so cute in person.  Guess which number I'd pick.  You could pick one based on your numerology, or just get a lucky number.  The appeal is widespread like a monogram.  Simple, but personal.  

If your local Anthro doesn't have an item you want in stock, they can order it for you right there and ship it to your house at no extra charge.  How cool is that?

So, that's my little list of suggestions so far.  I tried to stick to items with a reasonable price tag.  I'll be adding suggestions in future posts, so come back and visit.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

So, I'm just hanging out with the dogs and listening to the Biebs.  This Thanksgiving I am thankful that his voice still sounds amazing as it's gotten deeper because I feel like way less of a perv now.

Let us celebrate our differences this season!  I am grateful for so many things... like the fat dachshund I saw at the 7-11 and.... OMGZ!

I'm grateful for the amazing time I spent living in Madison, WI long ago.  Especially for butterscotch sundaes bigger than my noggin at Ella's Deli:

For sharing grumpy mornings with my baby:

And very sleepy nights:

Even for green juice because it is a lifesaver:

For all the time we get to spend with Cooper even though he and Guy hog the crap out of the bed.  And I am terrible at rearranging them (I was never very good at Tetris):

And most especially for my husband.  I'm grateful I held out for 31 years to find the love of my life.  And he is:

I'm so grateful for so many things!  I hope you all stuff yourself silly and have a fantastic start to the holidays!


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Shopping, Sharks, and Champagne

So, almost every Sunday we eat dinner at my parents' house:

We were trying to keep the bulldogs out of the living room, so we made my husband sit in the foyer with Guy, Cooper, and my mom's dog, Blade.  Poor husband.  

I don't have a lot to say in this week's wrap up.  I'm still recovering from this terrible bout of CFS, but I am feeling better every day.  Even though I no longer have a traditional job, I still get super antsy on Sunday evenings.  Tonight's episode of "Dexter" wasn't entirely soothing for my nerves either.  Do you get that?  The Sunday night ants in your pants?  Not the dance-y kind.

Anthro had their employee appreciation on Friday and Saturday.  I spent entirely too much money and I'm feeling some guilt over it, but man alive did I make out like a bandit!  As did my mother and sister-in-law.  

You can see two of my spoils in the background.  I'll be working a lot more, which is good because I can get more facetime in with my managers... still vying for the personal shopper position.  Also, I need to pay my mother back for Saturday's spoils.  Let's just get to something relevant:

That's the most productive thing I did today!!!  Hooray for Sunday.  

THIS WEEK FOR DINNER is pretty weak (d'oh!)

Monday: I was exhausted, so I had Chinese takeout and my husband had McDonald's.  Gross.
Tuesday: Buffalo chicken eggrolls and green juice.  The eggrolls were surprisingly awesome.
Wednesday: Mayo-free chicken salad sandwiches and green juice.  The chicken salad recipe needs tweaking, but they were pretty good.
Thursday: Sausage and spinach quiche and green juice... are you sensing a theme?
Friday: Toasted turkey sandwich (from the grocery store... I was pooped again) with homemade pesto and green juice.
Saturday: Date night with my dad at a charity gala.  There was a food sampling from a grundle of local restaurants.  Husband left to fend for himself.
Sunday: Spaghetti with homemade sausage and mushroom marinara, homemade bread, salad, and homemade carrot cake at my mom's.

Hit up my Pinterest, y'all.

I often fill in as my dad's date, which I love because my dad is pretty amazing. So how could I say no  to Saturday night, getting dressed up and giggling over immature jokes while everyone at our table looks at us wonky?  For 10 years I've been accompanying my dad to various fĂȘtes and functions and he's tried to pretend that I'm his trophy wife, but he gets this mischievous and embarrassed smile like a naughty child that totally gives him away. Also, he is generally introducing me to people that he's known for years if not decades and most of them know my mother.  Total dork.  Love my dad.

I'm really excited for Thanksgiving.  We are going to have Cooper for most of the week, which I am ecstatic about.  

My husband and Guy?  Not so much.  Plus, I just love Thanksgiving.  And when it's over my husband will finally let me get excited about Christmas without being seriously irritated.  I love the holidays!!!  What's your favourite part about the holidays?  I think mine is decorating the tree.  And champagne.  But I don't need a holiday for the latter :)  Like Guy's namesake, Mr Churchill said during WWII, "Remember, gentlemen, it's not just France we are fighting for, it's Champagne!"