Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Walrusses and Weather

It is a truly glorious day today in lil' Salt Lake City, Utah.  It feels like Spring:

It's not going to last, but I am enjoying it for the time being.  I'm supposed to tell you to vote, but everyone on facebook has already jumped down your throat about it and I hate politics, so I'll move on to something significantly more important: The Walrus.  Being married to a walrus has created an even greater fondness for the beast than I had had previous to meeting my husband:

The portrait on the left was my first birthday gift to my walrus (featured on the right).  He really IS an accomplished swimmer.  But now I need more walrus in my life.  I need a BABY walrus:


I have been following these adorable schlubs for a while now.  They are being cared for at the Alaska SeaLife Center before one is transferred to the Indianapolis Zoo and the other to the New York Aquarium on Coney Island.  Unless I get to them first, of course.  I just need a big house with a giant walrus/Mrs. Roger Federer/Guy Winston Churchill Larkin-Federer Wilson habitat.  I would totally not be stingy with my walrus either because it just wouldn't be fair to keep such a treasure to myself.  I would let the general public into the house once or twice a week and they (this means you, dear reader) could make a donation to keep my little walrus chitlin all safe and healthy.  Speaking of weather and donations.... I've had something on my mind.

I've been wanting to donate to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  And this is where I am going to boss you.  There are so many awesome places to donate, but I've decided to go with the Red Cross because I know that ALL of my donation will go to repair the damage we inherited... whoa!  I totally Troy Dire-ed you there.  SCREW YOU TROY DIRE!!! I SPENT 20 YEARS DATING TOTAL A-HOLES BECAUSE OF YOU!.  Geeze, Lainey, you couldn't have just picked Michael and spared me all that grief?!  Sorry if this whole diatribe was from a reference you're not familiar with.  And I'm even more sorry that you've never seen "Reality Bites".  Who are you?!?!?

Ok, so here are a bunch of places that were suggested to me for donating besides the Red Cross (I decided to plunk all my money in one spot, but if I had more, I would spread it around).  Remember to check that ALL of your donation is going to the cause:

This particular campaign is near and dear to my girl and fellow Vassar alumnus, Kavs, of D.S. & Durga, whom I will be interviewing for this blog soon.  I'm super excited about it!

And these were recommended to me by the lovely and brilliant designer of my wedding dress, fellow Vassar alumnus, Mary Ping!  I will also be doing a piece on Mary for the blog.  Get thee HENCE!

I truly wish I were still living back east and could also donate my time.  Maybe there is a way I can do it from Paris, er, Utah?  Please advise if there is.  At any rate, I'm not going to pressure you to vote because everyone else has, but I sure as hell am going to pressure you to help/donate to a cause because that's what I do.  I pimp out the stuff I care about.

In other news, I got this yesterday:

source (discontinued product)

I'm pretty interested in giving it a shot.  These are wet/dry eye shadows, which I am not familiar with.  Basically they go on softer with a dry brush and thicker with a wet one.  We'll see how they look.

Also, a personal shopper position is opening at Anthro and I want it SOOOOOOO bad.  Pray for me, cross your fingers, wish on eyelashes or stars.  Just send some positive stuff out there for me because this could be a really great thing!


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  1. sending you lots and lots of wishes. You would be a great personal shopper!!!!