Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's All Fun and Games Until...

We have a morning ritual in this house.  My husband gets up and graciously lets me sleep in.  I have CFS and we want to get as many GOOD hours out of me during the day as possible.  At this point the dog gets into bed with me and we have a morning "nap" (Hooray for Naps!).  Then I get up and Guy is all like, "MINE!  This bed is MINE!!!".  And he looks magical just like this:

We are in bulldog heaven over here!

Retinols update:  I skipped using them today to see how I felt.   I did not feel as good as the past two days that I used them, but I felt SOOOOO much better than before I tried them.  My moisturizer didn't glide on quite as easily and I didn't wear make-up, so no news on that end.  My skin did look fresher and I felt like it took my moisturizer better than it had pre-retinol... so, yeah, I'm totally buying the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel.  After 2 days I'm a believer.  At least for 30 applications.  If and when something truly miraculous- not just truly wonderful- happens from these babies, you will be the first to know!


So, yesterday I mentioned a few items in my every day routine that I wanted to better promote because that's what I do.  I love shizzz and I tell you about it so that you can love it too, or tell me to take a hike.  We're all friends here.

For my 34th birthday, which was at the beginning of October, I opted to pass on my mother buying me an entire set of octopus dinnerware from Anthro (make sure to look at the whole amazeballs collection when you open THIS) in favour of Crème de la Mer.  People, I live in a freaking DESERT!  Seriously, I don't know if y'all know that Utah, despite the greatest snow on earth- and it IS the GREATEST- is one big desert.  My skin yearns for my days at Vassar and living in Madison, WI where the humidity abounds and the skin is voluminous!!!  La Mer?  Worth. Every. Penny.  And every dish in this case.


I'm a total La Mer addict.  I don't know if I can be convinced to love anything else.  But try me.  Please. I really want to know your most beloved moisturizers and why you love them.  I'll tell you the one thing I'm not loving about mine is that I have to buy my SPF separately, or I will have to, rather.  Right now I'm living off of samples that I've hoarded, but soon enough it will be time to purchase this baby:


I'm going to have to start stripping for face cream.  I'd better get a confidence wig first!  Seriously, there was a point in my life where I thought my self-conscious little arse was going to have to become a lady of the night, the ballerina of the GENTLEMEN's club, in order to pay my bills.  I was terribly worried that I was going to have to come up with the cash for a confidence wig first. Praise be for fathers who keep their daughters safe and husbands who take daughters off of their poor father's hands!!!

Finally, Sephora tricked me.  Bless their hearts and their birthday gifts:

They gave me this and also in a barely-there shade called Rosé.  These are heaven to my lips in this dastardly climate.  I drink 60 - 120oz of water a day (no exaggeration) and my lips were ALWAYS chapped.  No more, dear reader, no more!  And it lasts.  I only apply once or twice a day.  And nightly, of course.

So, I'm almost done discussing my face!  But here is where I NEED you.  I beg of you to help my find a product that works for I have tried many!!!  I'm talking about make-up removers.  I wear waterproof mascara and, when I go all out, I also use MAC liquid liner:

It is the only thing that stays put on my eyes.  Everything ends up in the corners or the crease as if Ihave the world's oiliest eyes- except I don't.  I'm taking eye liner suggestions as well and I need one that can line the lower rim above the lashes.  While I like this liner, I have a feeling I can do better.  When I first bought this liner I bought MAC's eye make-up remover as well:

I wasn't all that jazzed.  It took a lot of remover and a lot of tugging to get anything off.  Eventually I moved on to this:

I like it slightly better.  SLIGHTLY.  Still a lot of tugging and just too much fumbling around my most wrinkle prone area.  Also, I wasn't getting all the make-up off in one application.  So, I went to Miloberry as I generally do in a make-up crisis.  She stands by this:

I like it better than the last, but still... so much TUGGING!  Reader, I NEED you.  Please tell me how to get waterproof make-up off of my eyes without all the tugging, pulling, and fumbling.  Can there be a product that does it all in one easy swoop?  Tell me there is.  Then tell me what it is.  I beg of you!

May you have sweet bulldog dreams!


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