Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gotta Run... Dexter's About to Start

We are obsessed with dog shaming up in this piece.  We can't decide which Guy pic is best:

Option A is simply titled "The Bed Wetter".  My husband thinks they won't use this one because they might feel bad for Guy.  I beg to differ.  I think it's because they are still using a tumblr format and I don't have a tumblr account.

Option B is is titled "I Chewed a Hole Through the Quilt that Grandma Made Mom and Now Grandma will Kill Mom and I Don't Care".  Weigh in folks.  Which one do you prefer?  I'm still partial to option A.

So, I tried out the Benefit Erase paste under my eyes and as a highlighter on my nose and chin last night for a Halloween party.  Here is a photo that gives no indication whatsoever how it turned out:

I was the blood spatter at a crime scene (I wore two pairs of leggings.  The top was made by cutting the crotch out of one pair to create a neck/head hole.  It's a trick I used to do with my old ballet tights for warm-ups) and Andy was Dexter at work.  Since you cannot tell how the Erase Paste looks, I'll tell you.  It looks amazeballs!  It is so much creamier than the Urban Decay pencil I was using before and a little goes a VERY LONG way.  The tiny little pot is going to last me decades.  I'm so glad I listened to Miloberry!

I had just gotten off work at Anthro when I went into Sephora to get the Erase Paste and my feet were KILLING me from breaking in some very beautiful shoes:

And I was a little stressed out because I could not help but buy a very beautiful dress:

It's a wonder I've ever even gotten a paycheque.  I certainly put everything I earned this pay period back into the store!

Back to Sephora... I was really, stressed, tired, hungry, in pedal pain, and I needed an eye shadow.  I need something I can wear every day.  And I want shimmer.  And I want pinkish.  Seems easy enough unless you have NO patience because of the symptoms listed above and you continually get incompetent employees "assisting" you.  So, of course, I stress bought the first thing we came across.

I HATE it!  I don't know if I'm stupid, or if it is.  I DO think it won't last long, it doesn't go on evenly no matter how I try, and I can't get a good consistency.  Maybe I need a cream shadow?  Give me advice, ladies.  I need to take this sucker back and get something I love.  And quite frankly, I don't trust the girls at the Salt Lake Sephora... no offense.  If you don't have a product suggestion, do you know of a Sephora employee who knows their stuff?  I need help.

In the last of this week's face saga, I tried the retinols:

So far I could not be happier.  My skin feels superdooper.  My moisturizer seemed to glide on easier.  My make-up felt the same as usual.  My skin is not peeling or flaking.  There was a little bit of a sting with the first wipe, but a good sting.  I'm going to wait a couple of days and try it again.  I'll keep you posted, but I think I may just have become a lifelong advocate.


Monday: Mac n' Cheese with 2lbs of butternut squash and an entire head of cauliflower "hidden" in it.
Tuesday: Brussels sprouts au gratin and FRESH buffalo sirloin steaks with horseradish mustard (when I say fresh I mean that my uncle culled the heard on his ranch, the buffalo went straight to the butcher, and straight to our freezer... it doesn't get more fresh, nor more organic, baby!).
Wednesday: Chicken picatta and sauteed spinach.
Thursday: Pepperoni rolls with homemade pesto and homemade pizza sauce for dipping and roasted butternut and mystery squashes.
Friday: Leftovers (read: Andy went to McDonald's) because I had to work (read: shop).
Saturday: I brought white bean and roasted red pepper dip to the Halloween party.
Sunday: Roasted tomato and basil soup at mom's  where I finally got to hang out with my nephew:

It's been a long week, but a good week in Paris.  But it just isn't the same without you...


P.S.  I totally forgot to pimp out my Pinterest account where you can get most of my recipes.

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