Monday, October 22, 2012

Let's Face It (I intend to use a lot of bad puns)

I don't have hoards of things to write about today, so I thought to myself, "How can I entice someone to keep reading this blog?".  Here's your answer:

Just ignore those schlubs in the background and answer me this: Have you ever seen a sweeter face EVER? Ever in the whole cosmos?!  That was a rhetorical question as your answer is obviously, "OMGZ!!! No. No, I have never EVER, never in the history of everything, seen a face that sweet!"

Let's talk about stuff I love.  Let's Product of the Day this bidnezz:


So, do you have the Clarisonic Mia yet?  How many times have you heard about this awesome little mechanism?  Like a billion times?  Then why don't you have one yet?!  Given, this was another splurge... or maybe, just maybe, I conned my mother into getting herself one while we were out registering for my bridal showers/wedding gifts (I JUST got married in May, y'all!) because I knew she would feel too guilty not getting one for me as well since we WERE supposed to be celebrating my impending nuptials and all.  I got a light green one and this photo is making me green with envy (oh yeah, I went there) because I like the vibrant green so much more.  Get any colour you want.  Get a colour you hate.  You will still love this baby.  "What is this thing?", you ask.  It is the world's most important face cleansing aid!  You just charge it up and push the button.  It has a timer and I ALWAYS go over, but the idea is that you wash your face for 1 full minute and it will detail the number of seconds for each area of your face in the instructions.  All the while this little miracle is softly scrubbing circles over you skin and you WILL see a difference.  In 3 weeks the pores on my face could no longer be seen from space.  You had to get, like, as close as the edge of the earth's atmosphere to even make them out anymore.  EVEN ON MY SCHNOZZ!!!  Buy this.  Buy it now because you are one sexy dreamboat hiding behind some pores and maybe a little acne.  Stop hiding, sheesh.  Are you sold?

Do you have any Mia success stories?  Have you tried something you think is just as effective (it's not, but I still want to know)?  What colour would you choose and why?



  1. For your cheapo readers: Olay makes a knockoff Mia that works pretty darn good. I use mine the same way you use your Mia and it has done wonders for my post-pregnancy rosecea-addled skin. (Yes you all read that right, you just might get rosecea if you have a baby! Pregnancy! The gift that keeps on giving...and giving...) I also use that cleanser. My big splurge is on my retinols...when you do a post on that I'll share my secrets.

  2. I don't use retinols... I don't even know what they are *headdesk*. Enlighten me a little and I'll research it.

  3. Well, I'm just going to have to start blog stalking you! And I need my pores on my nose to no longer be seen from space, so thanks for the recommendation!

    1. You won't regret it! The Mia that is. You might regret blog stalking me :)