Friday, October 26, 2012

I Fell for the Pressure Sell

This is totally how I feel today:

Guy can guff like nobody's business.  He is the guffiest guff that ever guffed and I'm feeling pretty guffy myself today.  Serenity now!!!

OK, Genesis just came on my playlist and then there's this:

This reminds me that I am trying a sort of home remedy teeth whitening experiment.  I don't have much to report right now because I just started.  I was not genetically blessed in the dentitional department.  Do you have any go to teeth solutions?  My teeth are EXTRA sensitive, so I am limited in the scope of products I can use... the bad puns continue!

At any rate, I am here to report on yesterday's trip to Sephora in regard to retinols.  I happened to catch one of their skin care specialists who was in town from L.A. educating the Utah bumpkins.  First, she convinced me to try another eye cream:


From what I gathered Sephora is really pushing this product right now.  And I can attest that it DOES illuminate around the eye (kind of like a B B cream for eyes).  It didn't give me dragon skin.  It smells good.  And it burnt the living hell out of my eyes.  I'm a super shaky gal and I cannot be trusted to use products AROUND my eyes that burn if they get IN my eyes.  Why would they make an eye cream that burns?!

So, that's out for me.  I'm keeping the La Mer.  I don't care if it contains ingredients with the suffix "cone".  I think it's amazeballs.

Then this lady tells me that I need to stay away from retinols because my skin has "clearly lost its elasticity".  Ummmmm... bitch (pardon my french... oh, puns, oh you!).   I told her that I owed it to the readers to try retinols and she finally agreed to give me some samples of Dr. Dennis Gross Skincares's Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel.  I am, however, taking her advice and waiting to try it when I have no big commitments because I work at Anthro in a couple of hours and I need to look nice.  She basically terrified me by telling me it is going to eat away my skin and any sun damage that is repaired will come back ten fold because I'll be so sensitive to the sun.  That's why I got buttloads of samples of La Mer's sunscreen, lady.

The other reason I was at Sephora was because I need a new under eye concealer.  I've been using one from Urban Decay:

I really like this product, but I have used it up really quickly and I apply make up infrequently and very lightly.  I need a product that I don't have to replace so often.  I combine this with Benefit's Ooh La Lift, which I adore.  It is so brightening and makes my skin look dewy and fresh:

I apply it like so:

I just dab at it with my fingers and spread upwards.  It's wizardry, I tell ya!

At the advice of Miloberry (Read her blog.  She is thorough.  She is my go to for all things make-up as I venture back into wearing it) I was headed in to buy Benefit's Erase Paste, which she swears by:

But I ended up walking out with Korres' Concealer Correcteur:

I haven't decided whether I'll keep it or not.  That's a lie.  I'm totally returning it AND the brush she pressure sale-ed me into buying and getting the Erase Paste I went in for.  Unless you have a must-have product... do you? 

I'll be trying out the retinols on Sunday!  I hope I don't look too much like Freddy Krueger as that isn't my intended Halloween costume.  On that note, I leave you to get into the Halloween spirit with a blog written by one of the most beautiful, wonderful, and strongest babes I have ever had the pleasure of knowing:  She really DOES walk softly.


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