Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year! This post is dedicated to mucus!

I'm still sick, y'all, which is delightful and severely attractive to the opposite sex.  On New Year's Day my husband was actually able to convince me to brave the Utah inversion (the air gets trapped in the valley between the mountains where Salt Lake City lies and becomes thick like soup.  Soup made from pollution).  And it has been cold up in this piece.  Like 20+ degrees in the day and 9 degrees last night. And here's the part where I FINALLY get to write: IT'S COLDER THAN A WITCH'S TEAT!  I feel better.

It was so cold that poor, little Guy only made it a short ways before he got cold feet- literally- and daddy had to carry him back to the car.

I die for that face!  Such a big baby!

Since I was also sick on NYE we stayed in and watched "New Girl" on Netflix, which we are loving, but are embarrassed because we are both TOTALLY Jess.  Especially the making up songs about EVERYTHING schizz.  Also, I have not gotten over the loss of the character Coach from the pilot.  This, for me, is not as bad as when we started watching "Modern Family" and we realized that I am both Mitchell AND Cam *headdesk*.  At any rate, my husband went to the wine store and picked up a few bottles of the champagne we served at our wedding (both cavas, but one was a rosé).  Not wanting to leave Guy out, I poured him a small bowl.

When Guy wants to stay on the couch, Guy STAYS on the couch (part way at least).  He knocked the bowl over and drank it off the floor.  That dog is a lush, man, a shameless lush.

Sorry for the TMI, but... bulldog bums!!!  And you can see the knocked over bowl, proving that I didn't lie above.

So, Happy New Year, y'all!  Did you make any resolutions?  I made a resolution to quit smoking.  This is the same resolution I have made for 6 years because I quit smoking 6 years ago, making it a really easy resolution to keep.  I like to be a follow-through kind of gal.  I have some goals regarding my health, but those are pretty long term... like eating healthier, drinking less champagne (why?!), not being sick as often, finding a cure for CFS, getting a trust fund.  You know, standard stuff.

Before I get to the grand finale of how amazeballs to the max my husband is, I feel like I should follow-up on my coconut water experiment and talk a little make-up.  In regards to the coconut water, I have tried two brands: O.N.E. and this guy:

They are both equally disgusting in taste, but something about the logo for this Vita Coco... "hydrate naturally"?  All this time I thought the 60 - 120oz of water I was ingesting was a natural way to hydrate.  Thank you for showing me otherwise, oh wise marketing goon.  Seriously though, I've been so sick for the last couple of weeks that I have no idea if it's helping or not as far as hydrating BETTER with LESS intake.  All I know is that the dog likes it, so it's probably got alcohol in it.  I'm not deterred from this experiment, dear reader.  There will be more coconut water in my future and you WILL hear about it.

Getting on to make-up, I'm still using my awesome Sephora set for bronzer, blush, and highlighter:

source (product discontinued)

My problem is that I am VERY fair skinned and I felt like it was going on too strong, so I was buffing it out with my powder brush after applying the first two.  The other day, however, I accidentally put them on after I had done a little concealer, but before I had put on my powder.  I decided to wing it and just do my powder on top.  Is this the solution I am looking for?  I have no idea.  It looked good when I left for work, but I am always so tired and run down after my shifts that I never thought to check it.  I will try it again soon, but not tomorrow... it's too risky.  I have to be PERFECT tomorrow.


So, Guy and I were sick on the couch watching (and singing with) "Never Say Never" for the millionth time and my husband was in the other room.  He totally sent an email to all my coworkers and got my shift covered, so I could use the ticket to see the Biebs that he bought me as a surprise.  I know it seems kind of creepy that a 34 year-old lady is going to see Justin Bieber alone, but I like to think of myself as 34-minus-20, which is still creepy because who sends a 14 year-old girl to a concert alone?!  I am totally going to get kidnapped and my story will be featured in a "ripped from the headlines" episode of Law & Order.  Dreams really DO come true!

I hope you are having a lovely beginning of the year, dear reader.  Mine has been covered in Guy's mucus.  He has a really bad infection, which is why it took me so long to get around to writing this post. I have been worrying about my little boy like crazy, feeling guilty, going to the vet, and analyzing mucus like never before... much of it after it has been plastered all over my person via violent sneeze attacks.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I spend a LOT of time analyzing my own mucus, but it's a whole new ballgame when the mucus belongs to your helpless baby.  I get it, moms.  I totally get it. 

May your year be filled with joy, not mucus!  Biebs updates in the weekly wrap-up!  until then...


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