Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Wrap-Up (Puns all up in this piece)

On Christmas Eve I went to sleep next to this:

And then I woke up to this!

So, our tree totally died while we were staying with my handicapped brother, but it was joyous nonetheless.  First we opened our presents from Guy.  He got me an edition with both "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There" with the original illustrations by John Tenniel *swoon* as photographed in this post.

He got his dad a bottle opener who bears an uncanny resemblance to said dad:

Then we packed up and headed to my parents' for Christmas breakfast as is tradition:

And I passed out marzipan pigs as is tradition:

And everyone was joyous:

Seriously, can you believe my grandmother is 94?!  She doesn't look a day over 80.  

My dad was all about the Mele Kalikimaka.

Someone was missing from my older brother's family pic:

Christmas Cooper!

Then, exhausted, we returned home to exchange the rest of our gifts.

I gave my husband:

PUSH PINS!!! What man doesn't wait all year for push pins?  Not a one, that's who.  Whatever.  There was a walrus in the set.  It had to be done.  And:

An iPhone cover... I'm sensing a theme.  Then I got down to business (please excuse my blurry photography.  I am quite the shaky one):

In all seriousness this will probably never be used, but who can resist getting their man a flask with a fold out shot glass?  No one, that's who.  Public intoxication just got classy, y'all.

And the grand finale!!!

A three foot tall giraffe bust, of course!  They're his favourite animal and what office is complete without a three foot tall giraffe bust?  Not a one, that's what.

I didn't do too badly myself.  I got some pretty sweet Anthro duds:

And *drum roll*:

Oh hell yes!  I picked the big subway token because during my time at Vassar we actually used those tokens (screw Metro cards, for serious, Matil).  And I had to have the Studebaker key because... "The Muppet Movie".  Get the reference, or get out.  But what was in the third box?

A bat mandible.  Duh.  My husband knows me well enough that he gave me a budget for my Christmas shopping and I was able to get another one of these for my dear friend, SheWalksSoftly.  Just so we can be close to each other's hearts, you know.  I'm sentimental as all get-out... so sue me!

Finally, my handicapped brother got us this (and my husband let me hog it big time):

See ya, Spotify... I am so sick of remixes I could rip out all my hair and light myself on fire.  And then there was peace on earth and goodwill towards men because I now own ALL the Biebs sans remixes... owwwwwww!!!  

I also made a meatloaf, got a terrible cold from which I am still suffering, and worked a buttload.  

Have a Happy New Year, y'all!



  1. Happy New Year. I'm really enjoying your blog. I wish that we had stayed in better touch/gotten to know each other better in HS because I think you are totally cool.

    1. Right? You are always cracking me up on FB. We would have been hilarious... except I spent most of Jr. High, High School, College, and half my twenties being insanely angry for NO REASON. I need more anger in my life :)

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