Saturday, December 29, 2012

Salt Lake's Little Treasures

It's one of those weeks where it feels like the only people who understand me are the dog and the Biebs:

That's the pup holding me around the waist when I looked like this:

I am so damn sick.  And I have spent a LOT of my life worrying as evidenced by the worry lines in my forehead.  All the retinols in the world can't undo that.  Speaking of, I am still totally loving my Dr. Dennis Gross retinols.   

So, I gotta haul ass so I can get ready for work, but I wanted to do a quick Salt Lake spotlight featuring:

This is a great yoga studio on the west side of Trolley Square (across from where Green Street used to be).  I've only taken one class there because I prefer Xtend Barre (I have ZERO patience and CANNOT relax, y'all, and these things makes yoga extremely torturous for me).  Take Jen Hecht's class though.  Seriously.  She switches things up and she is one of the nicest people around.  Most yoga classes I've taken have been like Groundhog Day for me regardless of the studio.  This was different.  This was awesome.

I am not here to talk about yoga, however.  Nor am I here to talk about the awesome little restaurant, Cafe Solstice, that they share space with.  I am here to talk about MASSAGE!  I went in yesterday for an hour massage with a little lymphatic work to try and feel better (I DO feel better).  I'd been once before months ago because they give you a discount on your first spa treatment.  My first masseuse was Andrea.  She was great.  Yesterday I had Courtney.  She was SUPER great.  And they only charge $65 for an hour long massage including a nice sit in the steam shower.  Treat yo-self!  Take in a yoga class and lunch too.  Whatever.  Just do it because you deserve it and it's totally affordable!  Also, they can get you in the day you call in most cases, which is super good for me; when I need a massage, I need it immediately.

I promise to wrap up tomorrow even though it's going to be a crazy day as my oldest brother and his family are in town from Arkansas.  

I need a lobotomy.  Happy weekend, y'all!


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