Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weak Week (how lame is that post title?)

You're totally like, "OMGZ!  What is Guy wearing?!":

And I'm all like, "Good question.  Let me answer that for you."

It all started when we were short one garland of lights for our fluffy lil' nugget of a tree, which was totally upsetting, if not traumatic for Mothra and Godzilla:

On my way home from work last night I made a quick stop at Big Lots to grab one more strand and I saw a bunch of dog sweaters.  I was quite sure that even a large wouldn't fit my sturdy little guy.  I bought one anyway.  What's $8 when you can get a few photos of the dog looking silly?  But it fit and he looked awesome.  And he LOVES it!

Ummm... did I not tell you we are all about the Holidays up in this piece?  How adorable is the snowman?  It's pretty much like I dressed my dog in Justin Bieber circa 2009.  Crazy adorable, y'all.

Christmas just got way more mas... redundancy intended. So, the pup has been donning his stripes for the last two days and prancing around like he knows that he OWNS it.

My weekly wrap-up is totally weak (went there. AGAIN... not terribly ashamed).  I didn't really cook this week because I was struggling to get over a really nasty cold.  Mission accomplished.  Thank God.  And I'm finally getting more hours at work.  Thank God again.  But I am definitely getting some culinary goodness on this week  I even bought a fat separator from Williams-Sonoma:

How have I been totally unaware of this beauty?  My arteries and my crock pot are so totally thanking me right now.  The au jus is on, baby!

We are hoping to add traditions to our lives and our little family.  What are your favourite Holiday traditions?  We have some pretty standard stuff... sending out family Christmas cards, picking out a tree as a family, I make sea salted caramels, I do fresh orange/honey/ginger beets for my husband's family, listening to my old record of John Denver and the Muppets' Christmas.  Then we have my Godzilla decorating and the boar.  We need more Holiday spirit... more than just an awesome dog sweater, so lay it on me!

Sweet dreams!


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