Sunday, December 23, 2012

Awww (coco)NUTS!

So, you may have noted that I'm not posting so much as of late and I missed last week's wrap up entirely:

I still love you, dear reader.  And it's not that I don't want to post, it's just a nasty combo of getting used to my work schedule and my CFS giving me the middle finger all the time.  Be sure to check in though because Mary Ping, the absolute genius behind Slow and Steady Wins the Race, will be doing an interview... if I ever write it... BLERGH!  I promise to be better.  A solemn promise.

Have y'all tried coconut water?  I just grabbed some on a quick grocery store trip and I really hate the taste despite really loving coconut, but I know people totally swear by it.  I'm interested in trying it as a sort of recovery drink for the far too few Xtend Barre classes I've been squeezing into my hectic schedule.  By the way, I just had my 1 year anniversary with Xtend on Wednesday and I'm still over 2 and 1/2 inches smaller in the hips and arse than I was a year ago... owwwww!  So, my question to you is several questions actually:  Do you swear by coconut water? Why or why not?  Are there other flavours?  Is there anywhere to get affordable coconut water?  This stuff is crazy expensive!  

Normally I drink 60 - 120oz of water a day (no exaggeration), but since I've started working at Anthro, I've been remiss both in hydration and blogging.  I understand that I can't walk around on the sales floor with my water bottle when I'm working, but 10 minutes during a 6 hour shift is really not enough time to properly hydrate.  And my skin suffers.  When I make goofy faces in the mirror trying to exaggerate the appearance of wrinkles- which I totally do- you can tell a significant difference if I'm under-hydrated.  I suppose water is my natural filler.  I'm curious to see if I can drink LESS water, but BETTER water on the days that I work.   Is coconut water the answer I'm looking for?  I smell an experiment!  I'm also asking for suggestions...

and now to wrap up: THIS WEEK FOR DINNER:

I'm really enamoured with my fat separator, so I made two roasts in the last two weeks.  The one above was a balsamic roast, which was pretty tasty.  I made that sometime last week.  Then I made another for french dip sandwiches last Sunday... an 8lb roast!  We were staying with my handicapped brother and we had one of my older brothers and his family over for dinner.  It was a huge hit.  Check the recipe out on my Pinterest.  You will thank me.  Then one day this week I threw together some spinach fettuccine with chicken and peas in a pesto sauce.  I am having cooking withdrawals!

There just isn't enough time and I don't have enough energy.  I'm hoping soon to make candied citrus peels from a recipe I pinned that sounds awesomesauce, but we shall see...  

Are you ready for Christmas?  I still need to get marzipan pigs for our families.  Tomorrow is going to be one hell of a day.  Work, last minute marzipan pig shopping, liquor store shopping, and grocery shopping.  Can I get it all done?  I hope so.  

Merry Christmas, y'all!  I'll be sure to photograph our spoils.  


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