Friday, January 25, 2013

Lions, and Tigers, and...

So, I finally got Guy's Look Book onto my Pinterest:

This look is pretty gender neutral, but he looks ridiculously cute in my clothes (OMGZ!  We wear the same size, y'all) and he's really learning how to wear heels like a boss and still look all sorts of manly.

So, early this morning I woke up to take my little monster out and feed him.  I was feeling amazingly terrible.  I think the whole state has been feeling like hell because the inversion is the worst I ever remember it being.  I mean, I am huffing my inhaler just to walk from the house to the garage... yes, I get the irony.  I've also mentioned that my CFS is being a real dick as well.  This morning hit a pretty serious low.  When my body is really shutting down I get these aches in my bones.  It feels like all my marrow has turned into mercury because there is this metallic twinge to the aches.  And oh how it ACHES... in EVERY SINGLE BONE! I also had a headache of a truly ungodly nature.  It was bad.  While I was debating taking a percocet or a tramadol rendering myself helpless for the day, the only cogent thought I could form was this:

The mortality of bears makes me very, very depressed.

That's Bart.  His mortality is very, very depressing.  Fortunately he left a son behind, although said son is not quite as grand in stature as Bart himself.  I have several photos of Bart Jr., because he was recently in a film here in Utah.

I cannot post any photos, unfortunately.  Confidentiality agreements were signed.

At any rate, several years ago I drew a self-portrait for my husband of me in the morning based on Bart:

Seriously, I look EXACTLY like that in the morning.  Speaking of looks, I've made some changes in my make-up routine.  Lately I don't want to go all out with the bronzer, highlighter, and eyeshadow pallet.  Instead I stick with my "every day face".  This starts with the application of Benefit's Erase Paste to contour and conceal under my eyes as well as any blemishes:

This stuff is the bees knees to the max!  After experimenting between applying it with concealer brush and using my fingers, I am set with the latter.  I get a softer and more even coverage when I use my nubbins.  I follow this with Benefit's Ooh la Lift.  Seriously, if I could only have one skin product in my make-up arsenal, this would be the one.  I apply it under my eyes and out to my temples, the latter is how I would use a highlighter.  I also apply a little above my upper lip to highlight.  This stuff instantly refreshes and brightens a bear, speaking from experience:

Then I go straight to powder.  I never wear base.  It just feels so heavy on my face, so it's important that I have a powder that blends my Erase Paste and Ooh la Lift seamlessly and feels light.  I'd been using some run of the mill mineral powder.  I was reasonably happy with it.  I had no major flaws, nor benefits.  And then I followed my dream and got Chanel's Natural Finish Loose Powder, which is, I'm told, NOT limited edition... praise be!

And so my love affair with Chanel is reignited!  This powder is AMAZING!!!  My skin feels so light.  It looks light.  It stays put.  It is perfect.  Seriously, I hope never to use another powder and I resent myself for sticking with the shoddy product I'd been using before.  I follow this with a pink Chanel blush I've had since the '90s.  Don't judge.  In my adventures at Chanel I FINALLY found a cream eyeshadow I really like so far.  Illusion D'Ombre:

Colour: Abstraction.  This was really the icing on the cake.  It is subtle, but the shine is oh-so-pretty and it adds just the right amount of dimension that I was missing.  Then I hit up Dior to test out Diorshow Maximizer, a "lash plumping serum".  I've been reading about this product for several months now and so far I really like it.  It definitely needs some time to tell if there are any real results. 

My mascara did hold better and my lashes might look a little fuller.  It's recommended to use this as a primer under mascara as well as a "conditioner" on clean lashes.  I do believe there is some truth to the whole conditioning bit.  Ever since I started in on the eye cream I've made sure to get a thin layer on my lashes and I have definitely noticed a difference.  I seem to lose fewer lashes (thus, gaining fewer wishes...) and the length seems more noticeable.  Not like my lashes are actually longer, but their length seems to SHOW.

Now my every day face is far more BEARable.  I hate myself.

Sweet dreams, y'all!


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