Sunday, March 10, 2013

I'm Back!!!

Oh my hell, drear reader... are there any of you still out there?  This poor little blog has been suffering abandonment issues and I can't afford a blog therapist.

Oh, that's better.  Nothing like a bulldog train to boost morale.  So, here's what happened.  I got crazy depressed.  Unfortunately, I have a genetic predisposition for depression and it's something I have struggled with since I was a child.  Let me tell you first hand, y'all, depression coupled with CFS is a potentially deadly combination.  I am beyond fortunate to have an incredibly supportive family, an amazing husband, and the best dog ever.  Also, we've had Cooper up in this piece for over a week.  Bulldog heaven.  

So, here's what happened: I sunk into a bout of depression and I didn't really know why I was so depressed.  This only served to make me more depressed.  I felt helpless and useless and too exhausted to get pissed off about it.  Eventually I started pulling myself out, but I crashed.  I tumbled fast and furiously back into days of lethargy spent in bed snuggling Guy with intermittent bouts of crying and a lot of wasted time on my iPad.  Finally I returned to the land of the living and it was hectic because I had basically been neglecting everything for weeks.  I had a buttload of catching up to do.  And now I am catching up with you!  

So, let's wrap-up the last three weeks!


Monday: I had to work, so we got sandwiches at Subway.  I finally admitted that I hate Subway. 

Tuesday: I made an awesome quiche!  Secret ingredient = Stovetop Stuffing.  How can I hate Subway and love Stovetop?  Because it's stuffing... STUFFING!

Wednesday: Chicken Enchilada soup

Thursday: No one remembers.  Seriously.  

Friday: Blood orange sangria... yeah, I ate alcohol soaked fruit for dinner.  It was delicious.  

Saturday: Fend for yourself because I worked.

Sunday: Papa Murphy's veggie and pepperoni pizza.  I made caramelized onions with swiss chard too.

Monday: My husband went to see the Jazz play (I was too depressed to leave the house) and I had leftovers.

Tuesday: Again, no one knows.  We have NO IDEA.

Wednesday: We took my handicapped brother to Kyoto *drools*... I forgot to mention that we babysat him for a week.

Thursday: Chicken roll-ups with homemade pesto and mascarpone and spinach fettuccine with vodka sauce.

Friday: Spaghetti squash with kalamata olive and meat ragu.

Saturday: Work and pizza.

Sunday: leftovers

Monday: I had a farewell dinner for my friend who headed out to LA.  We went for tapas at Finca... OMGZ!!!  So divine!  The water glasses are the bottom half of empty wine bottles!

Tuesday: Chicken Gloria with peas and cauliflower mashed "potatoes".

Wednesday: Shredded chicken tacos with black beans and caramelized onions and swiss chard.

Thursday: Work and chicken souvlaki from Crown Burger.

Friday: Work and a gyro platter from Crown Burger.

Saturday: Work and chicken souvlaki from Crown Burger.

Sunday: Meatloaf and potatoes at my mom's.

As always, hit up my Pinterest for recipes!

And that's my please-forgive-my-neglect face.  Let's be friends!



  1. OK, random question, and this doesn't really have anything to do with this post other than that I adore you. You were the first person I thought to ask, my mascara always leaves dark rings under my eyes in the morning, no matter what mascara I use or how diligently I work to get it off at night. Advice? Or is this a problem everyone has? Again, I think you're awesome, I'm glad your blog is back.

    1. Annie! You are too kind and thanks for not giving up on this little schlub of a blog. So, I'm guessing you aren't wearing waterproof mascara because I feel like this used to be a problem for me. I am super loyal to the waterproof and also to Clinique's bottom lash mascara (it's only $10 and lasts forever! Totally a must-have...). The latter claims not to be waterproof, but, I assure you, it is. My point is that waterproof mascara doesn't rub into the skin. Rather, it falls off in little clumps when provoked and stays on like a gem otherwise. At night I have given into just using Neutragena or Garnier make-up wipes. They do what they can, but certainly not what they promise Re: removing waterproof make-up. In the morning, I get a cotton pad and douse it liberally with whatever make-up remover I have handy (right now I have Clinique, Dior, and MAC) and I hold it on the eye for a while before rubbing away. It takes me forever to get my make-up off regardless! And I hate all the tugging I do to the poor skin around my eyes. I am thinking of ordering a french cleansing water that I've had my eye on for a while. I'm waiting for Miloberry's review first. She is *usually* a reliable source. For now, Clinique's Take Off the Day seems to be the best option for eye make-up. Also, I really only wear make-up when I have to work and sometimes on the weekend, so this is not a daily battle for me... yet.