Sunday, March 24, 2013

Guy and I

So, this coming Thursday is an insanely important day:

It's the 3 year anniversary of the day Guy and I fell in love!!!  It's also my mom's birthday, but, I mean, whatever to that.  Or whatever.  Guy and me 4eva!  Above is a photo I took the night he came home with me and never left.  What a total smoochface!

So, this has been an incredibly brutal week and I'm pretty drained.  

I did sneak in a little retail therapy:

I'm going to try and get some sleep and write you a better post next week.  Hey, maybe I'll even write 2 decent posts.  Even though I am no longer involved in the "traditional" work force, I get incredibly antsy on Sunday nights and have a lot of trouble shutting my brain off.  It used to be much worse when I was a nine-to-fiver and it has never managed to go away.  My husband also suffers from the Sunday night jitters.  Is this totally normal, or do I just need to up my Xanax?

That was a rhetorical question.  Of course I need to up my Xanax... so, let's wrap it up, y'all.


I can't remember what day I cooked what for the most part, so I'll just wing it.

Philly cheesesteak stuffed green peppers.  This recipe is all over Pinterest.  It is everything it claims to be and more.  Super easy and super delicious.

Southwest chicken salad in tortillas with avocado and spinach.  

We went to Plum Alley for lunch and barely had room for dinner:

We ordered pretty much everything: house noodles, shredded pork and pork belly ramen, coconut milk "chicken noodle" soup, duck confit buns, magical cauliflower, and we ended with Guiness stout ice cream.  This was a truly memorable meal.

On Saturday night we went to a dinner party with some of my husband's colleagues and that was really lovely.

Tonight we went to my mother's and I made italian wedding soup.  That soup may be my very favourite recipe in my arsenal.  Hit up my Pinterest, yo.

May you dance away the Sunday night ants in the pants.


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