Friday, December 27, 2013

Liberty and Justice for All, Y'all

I hope you all had a great Christmas, etc. (seriously, I am WAY too lazy to write out all the many things you may have celebrated, so I give you an etc. with all my love).  Speaking of differences and awesomeness, gay marriage (read: marriage) is now legal in Utah.  Several appeals have been denied.  Of course, our Governor is appealing to the Supreme Court, but that will take time, which means that there is time to get married.  This is a HUGE breakthrough.  Y'all this is UTAH.  UTAH.  This is HUGE.  So, congratulations to all my friends and to every couple in love.  It was definitely a Marry Christmas (pun!) in this ol' red state.  I was especially thrilled to see that the reverend who married my husband and me out performing marriages like crazy.  You go, Rev. Curtis Price!  

So, let's get to the updates on sweet Guy.  He is doing really well.  I am going crazy right now.  We had vincristine yesterday, which we have not had a problem with in past rotations.  However, as a precaution advised by our oncologist, Guy is now getting half a can of pumpkin puree in his meals after this medication.  This is one giant hell of a mess.  Especially since I started letting Coops lick the bowl at the end (this is the ONLY way to keep him calm while I feed Guy).  Little pumpkin face.  

Speaking of Coopsies, he had a terrible infection from the pollution here.  Congrats, LA.  Your air is better than ours.  At any rate, he seems to be pretty much cleared up after a course of antibiotics.  Guy had the same thing last year.  Geeze... I thought I could never handle seeing him as sick as he was then.  Thanks, cancer.  My husband also got us a HEPA filter for the bedroom, which has been great for all of us since I am allergic to the puppies.

Chemo has now been changed to every other week rather than weekly.  While this is good news as far as Guy getting closer to remission, I have been struggling with it.  I mean, our critical care vet and his technician have become a big part of my support system and it will be hard not to have that as frequently.  But, you go, Guy!  You brave little soldier!  I still don't know how long we will be in chemo.  I think it will be at least a couple more months.  I really don't know how all this works, nor did I ever hope to. 

We are wishing you all a very happy new year!  Please send your prayers, positive thoughts, wishes on stars or eyelashes, what-have-you to our sweet boy.  I am also selling some gorgeous clothing to help pay for chemo, so leave me a reply if you're interested.  I'm a size xs/0/25 and I have a knock-out pair Betsey Johnson stilettos that I have never worn in size 6 (fits like 6.5).

All our love from my family to you and yours.

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