Sunday, February 17, 2013

We'll Talk Soon... Very Soon.

It's been a long week and I have a whole bunch of nonsense to relay to y'all:

But I am just sick as all get out AND my husband laid a very pressing editing job on me at the very last minute... as he is wont to do.  Remember how I edit biomedical research papers for submission to medical/chemical/clinical journals?  I totally do that still.  Currently for my husband and a bunch of his fellow nerds. 

I promise that, no later than Tuesday, I will let you in on:

~ the best massage I've ever had in Salt Lake
~ the BEST place to get macarons in Salt Lake, (and macaroons for that matter) and my journey into the world's greatest sugar high from said macarons
~ bulldog heaven in photographic form per usual 
~ photos/link for one of my favourite meals ever... and it's totally healthy and simple!
~ everything else awesome/vaguely interesting/total crap that I'm forgetting to list

May you be heading into a totally dreamy week, dear reader.


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