Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Friendship Never Dies

So, y'all prolly thought I was avoiding you, or whatever, but let me assure that my super post-poned weekly wrap-up is more than justified.  First:

These guys!  And you're all like, "Whoa!", or "Yeah!", or "MOARRRRRR!!!".  I totally have more, but let me first explain my myself.  It was the SuperBowl or something on Sunday.  All I know is that people kept alluding to some big TV event.  I hadn't watched TV for nearly 3 weeks, so I was like, "What IS it?!".  And then I found out:

There was a Law & Order: Original Gangsta MARATHON.  OMGZ!!!  If you think I did not watch 10 episodes straight, you are wrong.  Dead wrong.  Jack McCoy 4eva!  (I totally need to tattoo that on my butt).  Do you forgive me for my neglect?  Do you understand that in no way could I have done anything else?  Good.  We're back on speaking terms.

So, the oil pulling is still happening:


I don't feel any noticeable difference.  I'm still pretty early in the process, which, as far as I can tell, could go on for as long as you like... I'm talking 'til death do us part.  I tried to take a photo of my teeth, but as you have relentlessly witnessed on this blog, dear reader, my photographic skills leave a LOT to be desired.  Speaking of Law & Order, I always imagine that if I were the "perp" on an episode of SVU- like a kidnapper, not a rapist... get your mind out of the gutter- the kid would only be able to describe me as "the yellow-toothed monster"... damn you genetics!

Above would be the police sketch of me in said Law & Order: SVU episode.  I have great things ahead of me, clearly.  The point is that, while I think there is some difference in the colour of my teeth for the better, my husband is confident that there is.

This is totally my sleeping arrangement as of late.  Bulldog heaven, y'all.  Aslo, I need to get this level of stink-eye down:

During my time at Vassar, and on several non-Vassar related trips to NYC over the course of my lifetime, I have been known to give semi-important people the stink-eye in elevators.  Always in elevators.  For reasons soon to follow, I will be spending more time in LA and I need to get my stink-eye down pact.  I mean, there aren't that many elevators, but LA is absolutely DROWNING in SEMI-important people.  I can't wait!

So, this week has been filled with nothing short of miracles of all sorts and sizes.  Point in case:  I ran into my very best friend from high school at work yesterday.  She was in town only until this morning and ended up at Anthro seemingly by accident- I totally believe in fate, y'all... fate brought me my sweet Guyguyguy.  We haven't seen each other in over a decade.  And it was a joyous reunion, but I have to admit I was so insanely nervous at first.  Like she was going to think I was a loser both in life and looks.  I am just riddled with insecurities and I need to control my nasty habit of projecting this onto others.  So, happiness ensued and I need to get to LA to continue said happiness and reuniting.

And then there was a little miracle that I have been praying for constantly... that my sweet, beautiful, talented, and dearly loved friend, SheWalksSoftly, would make it to LA for second opinions and further help for some ungodly health dilemnas she has been facing.  And she made it!  My heart sings!  

My beautiful friends are a short and (RELATIVELY) inexpensive flight away... and I could never forget to include my lovely Lola Berlin without whom this blog would have remained nameless.  Paris really isn't the same without you!

Sorry, Christmas.  You just got SHOWN.  So, let's belated-ly wrap this kisser up:


Monday:  Philly cheesesteak stuffed green peppers with rosemary and olive oil bread (I bought the bread).  I forgot to photograph these because I could not wait to eat them.  They make amazeballs sound like one trite adjective.  

Tuesday:  Slow cooker beef stroganoff with buttloads of fresh dill... I forgot to make a vegetable, but I'm fairly certain dill counts.

Hit up my Pinterest for the recipes.

Wednesday:  We headed out to mi la Cai to sate my pho craving.  This trip was, sadly, not up to par.

Thursday:  My husband lost his spaghetti squash virginity, which I served with a tomato basil sauce (it was store bought *hangsheadinshame*) and then destroyed all low carb/healthy goodness with my pesto pull-apart ooey-gooey super cheesey bread.

Friday: We went skiing with my dad and my friend Steve at Solitude (can you believe this is my 30th season?!)... we were pooped and had leftovers.

Saturday:  I had to work per usual, so it was fend for yourself.

Sunday:  All the awesome locally owned pizza places were closed so we ordered Pizza Hut (no offense, but... BARF!!!).  I mean, I HAD to watch 10 hours of Law & Order to deal with that.  I literally had a salt hangover on Monday.

A million cheers to good friends and small miracles!


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