Friday, August 10, 2018

Nothing is the Same

So, it's been quite the hiatus for me and this blog and basically everything has happened and it's been terrible and good and mind-blowingly heart wrenching.  And I'm still SUPER raw, but I'm gonna tell you, reader, the short version despite how scary and vulnerable that is.

I lost both of my sons.  This, it's too painful, it's too sacred, so I can only give you this much information.

I got divorced.  And then I dragged out a codependent, abusive relationship for 2 more years, BUT... hey you gais (a la Goonies)!!!! I learned a lot, a lot, a lot.  And then I ghosted him because, well, frankly, I had nothing left to say.  I'm not proud of this, but it's how I handled the situation at the time.

I fell in LOVE.  I found out about web development bootcamps, so I went over to DevPoint Labs, got the Grace Hopper scholarship, quit my job, and went to a full-time Ruby on Rails fire hose to the face learning extravaganza.  Talk nerdy to me, baby!

I fell DEEPLY in love.  I got a job in web development and it is SQL heavy.  I may be the most boring person on earth, but SQL makes my heart soar.  And I love to make the rest of my code LISTEN to my SQL.  I love coding, you guys.  Did I make that clear?

I found HOPE.  I have talked and talked and talked about and through and in and out of just about everything for decades and it helped, but I needed something more.  And now, now I am taking ACTION.  Because I am tired of talking.  So, like my grandfather, George, I found boxing.  I box at a traditional, Brooklyn-style gym.  Sometimes you just need to hit things, people.  You have to sweat it out with a community of other people who are watching your back.

So, hi and stuff.  I'm back.


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